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Heavenly Helpers Equine Cremation

Devon: 443-299-9542

Mike: 717-855-5503

Located in Hellam, PA 

Helping your family honor and remember their beloved pets

Heavenly Helpers and Mike's DAR is an individual horse cremation service. We take great pride in the fact that our cremator has been specifically designed to cremate one horse at a time. We assure you that from the time we pick up your horse, to the time they are returned, they are treated with the utmost dignity, care and respect that they deserve.


We strive to make this sad and difficult time a little bit easier on you and your loved ones by helping you bring your pet back home. We offer hair clippings and shoe removal if desired.


We also offer standard mortality removal where your horse will be organically composted and transportation to New Bolton or the Department of Agriculture for necropsy.


Heavenly Helpers is a family owned business run by husband and wife pair, Mike and Devon Lucchesi. Mike and Devon have a small fourteen acre farm in York County, PA where they have a menagerie of animals. Cats, dogs, horses, cows, chicken, sheep, and goats are all part of the family. They adore all of their furry critters so they understand what a difficult time it is when an owner contacts them. They treat every animal with the same compassion and respect as they would treat their own. Contact them anytime 24/7.


What we do

Mike initially started the business seven years ago before Devon came into the picture. He had a sheep pass away and couldn't find anyone to help him so he realized the need for a reliable person to help. After they were married Devon joined the business after having worked with horses all her life. They both really enjoy being able to help people in their time of need. They have built the business on being compassionate and caring when dealing with people's loved ones. 

"I had a horse picked up many years before I met Mike and it was truly awful. I will not go into detail but the man was incredibly rough and not friendly. He treated my beloved horse like a chunk of meat. Mike and I pride ourselves on our humane treatment of every animal. I really enjoy being able to make this experience easier for customers so that no one will have to go through what I did."

-Devon Lucchesi


We offer 24 hour service 365 days a year. Your animal is only handled by our trucks, our people, and our crematories so you can trust you will only get your horse back.


Standard mortality removal is also available as well as transportation to New Bolton or the Department of Agriculture for necropsy.


Please call for pricing.


When your horse is cremated we will include a custom made cherry wooden box and personalized nameplate. We will also personally return your horse to you when they are ready.

I just couldn't stay and watch my horse that I loved so much be taken away. So the woman whose barn I board at did that for me. But I'm sure everything was fine. The woman I talked to on the phone to pay with my credit card was so compassionate. She was awesome. Thank you for all you did.



Fast and reliable body removal. Mike is up beat and helps you feel better during a difficult time while providing a much needed service.


We had Mike remove one of our Belgian draft horses that sadly had to be put down. This horse was thoroughly loved by our entire family and extremely special. Mike was on time, courteous, very professional, and respectful. He also saw the emotional attachment to our beloved pet and helped us through this difficult day. It meant so much to have someone who was willing to help. Thank you so much! We are extremely grateful and will highly recommend to any horse owner!


Contact us anytime!

Hellam, PA 17406

Devon: 443-299-9542

Mike: 717-855-5503

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